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So, you want to know who I am and why do I have my own home page??

I decided to make this site because I thought it would be cool and seeing as it is that I enjoy surfing the net and like computers, why not? Now before I go on lety me just say that I am in no way a geek or nerd!! I am a typical 21 year old male who has had one hellacious life and happens to like this stuff. As for my life, well that's a long story and if you want to know about it, KEEP READING!!

well, if you have made it this far you gotta be wanting to get to knmow me better, in that case here is some more information about me: I was born on march 13, 1980 in salem, massachusetts and I guess you could say I kinda got shafted when I was born. I say that not because of my family because I got one of the best families in the world. no, I say that because when I was born, I was born with a handicap unfortunately and it has been nothing but a real big pain in the a**!! when I tell you about it, you'll understand why I say that.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

the physical handicap I was born with is a genetic disease called aperts syndrome and it affects the way the bones form before a person is born. Now because it's a genetic disease doesn't mean my whole family has it, I was the first one to get it and so far I am the only one so I guess you could saymy luck kinda stinks but the good news is that I have an awesome family so I am lucky in that respect. Because of my handicap, I have had to have numerous operations to correct anything that didn't form right when I was born and I tend to think that I was lucky to be born in a time when the technology and medical knowledge exists so that doctor's can fix almost any problem and do an awesome job while they're at it. If you would like to know more about aperts syndrome, you can contact me and ask me your question or just look it up on yahoo. I have found good sources of information about it there.

until next time


sports: all the big ones

teams: all the boston ones of course

music: mostly country and pop

movies: action/adventure and comedy, anything good basically.

my favorite music:

most of the country artists, britney spears, jessica simpson, and christina aguilera.